Fine Paper is Our Business…

E-mails, E-books, E-invoices…

Today, most of pressed communication means are being transmitted through digital media. This, needless to say affects the global paper market. In fact, statement of Finnish Prime Minister Stubb about Apple and its bad effect on Finnish paper market can be understood in this context.

Conventional paper consumption has begun to weaken with the pressure of digital technologies and has created a disturbance in the paper industry.

However, contrary to all these developments, there is a kind of paper that continues to grow rapidly and develops in various ways: Fine Paper. Although the paper industry seems to have a negative view, Fine Paper industry has a growing demand with its niche market and the difference it creates. The fact that fine paper makes an irreplaceable difference in terms of touch, feel and prestige lacks the damage from the expansion of the digital market.

Hence, Fine Paper will gain an important position and expand globally parallel to the needs of middle class even higher as it already is needed today.

Therefore, Anil Kagit is determined to continue the position of Turkey’s Fine Paper Expert by increasing the product range which is currently close to 700.