What is fine paper? What are the applications

Fine paper is luxury segment paper that can be found in a wide range from 60gr/m² to 800gr/m². This type of paper is getting more and more demand when it became widespread  in Turkey in the 1980s. Fine paper products offer a wide range of options to those who would like to make a difference apart from the commodity papers. Embossed fine papers with one side or two sides have a wide range of applications from stationery to labeling. Among these kinds of fine papers, the most commonly used and known are Linen patterns, Eggshell patterns and Leather patterns. There are 40 kinds of embossed fine paper in the registered brand Colessia that our company founded in 2005 together with these products. When considered 40 types of pattern options from 120gr/m² to 400gr/m² with tens of colors and weights, Colessia offers Turkey’s widest embossed fine paper option. In addition to Colessia’s premium products, Prolux low-budget fine papers which was brought to market in 2015, win recognition of the printing industry professionals. One of the most demanded products in the fine paper market is Ivory board. Despite being uncoated, this product, which is provided with smooth and soft texture through special production techniques, is demanded in a wide range of end user including offset and digital printers. Ivory board can be found under Colessia with the Taiga range. Demand of Ivory board in Prolux is also rapidly increasing. In the fine paper market, another product type stands out as special coated papers and cardboards. While pearlescent papers are highly used in invitation manufacturing, the soft touch papers are demanded mainly by textile label manufacturers and box manufacturers who are working in “niche” markets. The rapid increase in the consumption of fine paper while commodity paper consumption is decreasing all over the world is due to the fact that fine paper is the preferred material to create difference.