What is fine paper? What are the applications

Fine paper is luxury segment paper that can be found in a wide range from 60gr/m² to 800gr/m². This type of paper is getting more and more demand when it became widespread  in Turkey in the 1980s. Fine paper products offer a wide range of options to those who would like to make a difference […]

Fine-Arts Paper Products

Located in the north of Geneva and bordering the forests of France and Switzerland, Doubs River has a tradition of producing special paper for centuries. The river valley has been home to more than one paper mill nowadays, as well as the area where Avant-garde, the high-quality art paper brand, was born. All Avant-garde branded […]

Fine Paper is Our Business…

E-mails, E-books, E-invoices… Today, most of pressed communication means are being transmitted through digital media. This, needless to say affects the global paper market. In fact, statement of Finnish Prime Minister Stubb about Apple and its bad effect on Finnish paper market can be understood in this context. Conventional paper consumption has begun to weaken […]

A New Material to The New World: Stone Paper

Our world is changing with an immense speed since the second half of 20th Century. It took mankind only decades to witness radical technological changes while centuries were needed in the past. As a result of this rapid development, variable technologies create new possibilities and provide an incredible dynamism. Stone Paper is the exact product […]