Tracing Paper

Premium quality translucent papers for offset and silk screen printing. From 90gsm to 180gsm in 70x100cm sheets. Brand: Aydinger

Embossed Paper

35 different unique pattern designs and hundreds of options… We have wide capability to manufacture premium embossed fine papers from 120gsm to 400gsm in white, ivory, cream, extra white, natural white and tens of colors. Standard size is 70x100cm. Brand: Colessia, Prolux

Pearlescent Paper

20 different colours but the same shiny effect… Our coating capability is open for any colour specification that our customers’ needs and with the desired finishing. Brand: The Colours of Anatolia

Coloured Paper

From 120gsm to 590gsm, our collection is offering a great variety of colours. Just ask and we’ll supply it. Brand: Colessia, Prolux

Black Paper

Our black papers are available from 100gsm to 590gsm without lamination in 70x100cm. Our black papers are used for packaging, hang tag, printing and stationery industries. Brand: Colessia, Prolux

Fluorescent Paper

We have capability to manufacture fluorescent papers in yellow, orange, green and pink. The standard size is 70x100cm and the substance is 300gsm. Our fluorescent fine papers are used for stationary, invitation and printing industries. Brand: The Colours of Anatolia

Fine Paper

We’re specialist of fine paper manufacturing and distribution. We’re always eager to push the boundaries to realize our customers’ needs.

Soft Touch Paper

Petal like finishing papers for offset, silk screen printings in 301gsm and 66x102cm size. 10 different colours are available. Brand: Touché

Plike Paper

World famous soft touch paper of Italy is also available within our collection. The size is 70x100cm and the substance is from 120gsm to 330gsm.

Ivory Paper

Premium quality of ivory paper mainly used in printing and publishing industries. The standard size for this range is 70x100cm and the substance is from 80gsm to 320gsm.

Synthetic Paper

Our %100 PP based and %80 mineral based synthtetic papers used in label, printing and publishing industries. The standard size for both of the ranges is 70x100cm and the substance is from 0.11 mic to 0.45 mic. Only available in sheets.

Drawing Paper

From watercolour to dry techniques, our fine art papers are offering the best quality for your applications. Available in sheets, drawing pads and 50m reels for wider applications. Brand: Avant-garde