Fine-Arts Paper Products

Located in the north of Geneva and bordering the forests of France and Switzerland, Doubs River has a tradition of producing special paper for centuries. The river valley has been home to more than one paper mill nowadays, as well as the area where Avant-garde, the high-quality art paper brand, was born. All Avant-garde branded papers are produced in France with regard to European Union standards. Avant-garde products are developed regarding the expectation of the artists upon the materials they use. There are different types of paper, notebooks and rolls for different applications. For dry techniques and calligraphic applications, Esquisse products are at the foreground, while Watercolor 20% Cotton and Watercolor 100% Cotton products are used for techniques such as acrylic and watercolor. Watercolor paper with 20% cotton and watercolor paper made from 100% cotton are recommended for professional artists expecting top performance.  All of our products are presented in 70×100 cm, 50×70 cm and 35×50 cm sized sheets as well as in a wide range of drawing pads from 13×19 cm to 48×68 cm. If you do not want to limit your creativity, you can also try our roll art papers which are the first in Turkey and only available in Avant-garde. Raise the boundaries with roller art papers that are available in lengths of up to 100 meters and are produced specially for each technique to be applied from dry techniques to watercolor! It is up to you to surpass your boundaries by cutting your roll by 10 cm or 99 meters.

As Avant-garde family, we would like to remind you our founding philosophy:

“Be Avant-garde, Be Creative”