Anil Kagit Ltd. was founded in 1985 as a printhouse. In 1989, the company started distributing fine paper first in Istanbul, and then all over in Turkey.

In 2005, guided by the idea of “High quality, affordable price”, Anil Kagit created the brand Colessia, starting its activities with a small converting capacity. This brand achieved great success in a short time and became one of the biggest fine paper converting capacities in Turkey. However, our company seeks to further improve its position through new investments and services. We closely follow the developments of global paper markets in order to provide better customer service and constantly develop new products.

By launching the Prolux brand in 2015, Anil Kagit developed the concept of low budget fine paper and marked a new direction for the fine paper market in Turkey. Today, demand for this range grow rapidly each year.

The success achieved by Colessia and Prolux was followed by the development of Avant-Garde art products. Avant-Garde branded premium fine art papers are converted by Anil Kagit and distributed all over Turkey with expanding retail channels.

The paper coating line, which we have been developing for many years, started to run in full capacity in 2018. With this new unit, Anil Kagit Ltd. strives to meet the most specific needs of its customers and become one of the largest fine paper converting capacities within its region. Nowadays, with 4000sqm of factory area, direct exports to 15 countries and indirect exports to even more, Anil Kagit continues to increase its global presence as a fine paper specialist.